The preterite tense – El pasado simple

In Spanish 2, we are learning ‘the preterite tense’ or, what we call ‘el pasado simple’

On this video, you can see the explanation:

And here you have the conjugation of all the forms

Here you have someflashcards with the endings

Let’s practice the -AR verbs

Here you have some practice with the -ER and -IR verbs

This song will help you to remember the irregular ones, have a look:

Let’s practice the irregular ones

I hope this will help you learning them! 🙂


¿Cómo eres tú? ¿de dónde eres?

We have learnt how to describe ourselves and other people. Let’s see what verb we use to do it:

Hey, wait, we need some vocabulary to describe people… mmmm… oh, I got it, look, look 😀

We also know different countries and nationalities, do you remember?

Well, I think this will make it easier to undestand, don’t you think so?

Do you need some practice? Alright, here you have some activities:

Conjugation of SER

Vocabulary for descriptions

These flashcards will help you to remember the vocabulary words

Tired? I know… just have a rest for now 🙂

Subjects pronouns – the person doing the action

Who is who in English and Spanish? That is very easy! Take a look on this:

Here you have some more explanation of how they work in Spanish.

Now, let’s practice

Mi ciudad – proyecto de Español 2

My Spanish 2 students made these super creative and artistic towns. Would you like to be amazed? have a look on this 🙂

¿Cómo estás? with a song