Spanish bizarre food

One of the most interesting things when you visit a different country is its culinary culture and traditions. What for others might be bizarre, for the local people it is every day food. Here you have an example of different Spanish typical dishes. Is it bizarre?

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Bizarre 4


Los posesivos

Here you can see how we say ‘my, your, his, her’:

La ropa

Here you have a quick introduction to the clothing items:

Ir – to go- places in town and food

Here you can see how to use the verb TO GO in Spanish:

Check out this song for food vocabulary and meals of the day:

Here you have a list with the most common words about food in Spanish

Food words to listen to

Practice with places in town

Hangman food and meals

Estar with emotions and location


This short rhyme will help you to remember better when you need to use ‘estar’.

Check this video for an explanation, examples and practice:

Practice the conjugation of  ‘estar’

‘Estar’ with emotions

‘Estar’ with prepositions: in front of, near to, underneath, on top of…

La escuela – The school

Here you can see some of the vocabulary about school supplies:




Conjugation of AR verbs

On this video you will see how to conjugate the AR verbs:

And this song will help you to remember it better:

Games to practice ‘cantar’

Matching for ‘hablar’

And some other AR verbs

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