Formal commands in Spanish

We are talking about food and recipes, so we are going to learn how to use the formal commands in Spanish. Have a look on this video because it might help you:


Los posesivos

Here you can see how we say ‘my, your, his, her’:

Ir – to go- places in town and food

Here you can see how to use the verb TO GO in Spanish:

Check out this song for food vocabulary and meals of the day:

Here you have a list with the most common words about food in Spanish

Food words to listen to

Practice with places in town

Hangman food and meals

Present Progressive – Presente Continuo y la casa

Challenge board

Rags to riches


La casa game

En la casa – pop ups

La casa – rooms

Estar with emotions and location


This short rhyme will help you to remember better when you need to use ‘estar’.

Check this video for an explanation, examples and practice:

Practice the conjugation of  ‘estar’

‘Estar’ with emotions

‘Estar’ with prepositions: in front of, near to, underneath, on top of…

La rutina diaria y el cuerpo – verbos reflexivos

In Spanish, we use reflexive verbs to talk about morning routine, here you can see what they are and how we form them:


Daily routine ‘battleship’

Rags to riches


El cuerpo

Body ‘hangman’

Body ‘battleship’

Conjugation of AR verbs

On this video you will see how to conjugate the AR verbs:

And this song will help you to remember it better:

Games to practice ‘cantar’

Matching for ‘hablar’

And some other AR verbs

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