Present Progressive – Presente Continuo y la casa

Challenge board

Rags to riches


La casa game

En la casa – pop ups

La casa – rooms


Conjugation of AR verbs

On this video you will see how to conjugate the AR verbs:

And this song will help you to remember it better:

Games to practice ‘cantar’

Matching for ‘hablar’

And some other AR verbs

Telling time and class schedule

Here you can see how we say the time in Spanish and talk about class schedule.

Explanation for the time and activities to practice

Flashcards with time and classes.

Matching and wordsearchwith time.

A real clock for time.

Concentration and matching with vocabulary about classes.

Los deportes y demostrativos

Here you have some activities to practice the vocabulary about sports for Unidad 2 Lección 1 on our book and demonstratives adjectives.


Preterite tense for ER and IR verbs explanation

Matching and wordsearch



‘Adjetivos demostrativos’ este, ese, aquel=this, that, that (further)