Reflexive verbs Comic

Here we have the comics that Spanish 2 have done to review for the test on Friday, 21st.

Morgan Vitosh, Hannah and Sarah

Allison and Savannah

Cameron, CJ and Katlyn


Un anuncio saludable

Here you can see some of the Spanish 2 projects about healthy habits

Morgan Vitosh and Hannah Kostal

Cristell, Kolin and Ahsley Probst

Paul, Savannah and Allison

Ashley A.,Vanessa and Kelly

Conner Pahl, Sarah, Brittany and Pamela

Conner Duis, Riley and Devin

The preterite project

Spanish 2 studets have made these power point presentations to explain what is the preterite tense in Spanish and how it works.  If you click on their names, you will see their great job! Muy bien chicos 🙂

Morgan Lenners, Shannon and Brooke

Cristell, Brandon and Kolin

Natalie, Hannah and Morgan Vitosh

Allison, C.J. and Savannah

Adam, Kyle and Joel

Blake, Kylie and Keri

Cameron, Katlyn and Paul

Conner Pahl, Pamela and Colton

Ashley A, Kelly, Vanessa and Jana

Conner Duis, Devin and Riley

Brittany, Ashley P, Sarah and Zach

Lindsay, Jonathan and Nichelle

Mi librito de gustar project

Spanish 1 students have made these wonderful little books telling what people like. Have a look, you will love them 🙂

Mi ciudad – proyecto de Español 2

My Spanish 2 students made these super creative and artistic towns. Would you like to be amazed? have a look on this 🙂